Our reviews

We produce a range of reports which set the impacts of our work. Further information on how we evaluate our work can be found in the NC3Rs evaluation framework

2019 CRACK IT Review
Highlighting the work of ten teams involved in our CRACK IT programme which have produced 3Rs focused outputs that include prototypes, products and services.

2019 Research Review
Case studies highlighting the work of 12 NC3Rs-funded scientists, to illustrate the impact of their work on the 3Rs and the wider scientific context.

2017 PhD Studentship review
Case studies illustrating the scientific and 3Rs impacts of our PhD studentship scheme, which embeds the 3Rs in the training of new generations of graduate students.

Ten years of working with the pharmaceutical industry (2004-2014)
Case studies demonstrating the 3Rs impacts of cross-company data sharing and open innovation through CRACK IT.

Click here to download an e-book of the 2013 Research Review

2013 Research review
12 case studies illustrating the 3Rs impacts of our project grants across a range of disciplines from epilepsy research through to botulinum toxin testing.

Click here to download an e-book of the 2013 Research Review

NC3Rs blog: Pioneering better science through research funding

2011 Research review
14 case studies on 3Rs impacts arising from the research we fund.