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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

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Our Regional Programme Manager, Dr Ellen Forty, speaks to individuals across three UK research establishments about the unique focus the role of a ‘3Rs Champion’ brings to their local research environment.

A white trophy with the term '3Rs' on it sits on a bright yellow background.

Discover how the NC3Rs works to address the use of dogs in research and replace the use of animals in toxicity testing with non-animal methods, two topics being debated in Parliament later today.

Portrait of Dr Vicky Robinson, Chief Executive, NC3Rs.

Explore papers sharing 3Rs methods and technologies published on the NC3Rs F1000 Gateway – an open access platform for NC3Rs grant holders to showcase their research and maximise the 3Rs impact of their work.

The NC3Rs F1000 Gateway homepage.

2024 marks the 20-year anniversary of the NC3Rs. Discover the celebratory activities we have planned over the course of the year in our latest blog.

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The latest impact stories feature a model of early-stage lung cancer, an artificial human blood vessel to study blood clotting in vitro and a 3D human cell culture model to evaluate and screen treatments for glioblastoma.

Illustration showing the various organs that an organ-on-a-chip can model, including the retina, brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and intestines.

Showcasing our grant holders and how NC3Rs-funded research comes together to develop innovative new 3Rs tools and technologies that are pioneering better science.

A collage of images to illustrate the work that the NC3Rs does. From top left to bottom right: A scientist in a white coat looks down a microscope, two white rats sit in cardboard tubes, a cell plate, researchers standing around some equipment, a macaque sits on a swing, well plate with pink fluid, a technician moving animals between cages and a zebrafish tank showing three partial zebrafish swimming.

The latest funding from the NC3Rs focuses on applying the 3Rs across a variety of fields from laboratory rat welfare to vaccine production for humans and cattle.

Needle in a vial of vaccine