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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

Our reports and reviews

Our Annual Reports, Research Reviews and other publications.

Our Vision: 2015-2025

Setting out the NC3Rs vision for the next ten years, the publication is divided into five inter-related areas; Practice, Procedures, People, Places and Policy.

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Evaluating progress in the 3Rs: the NC3Rs framework

Our approach to measuring 3Rs impact through a framework that evaluates inputs, and outputs, as well as interim and mature impacts.


2019 CRACK IT Review

Highlighting the work of ten teams involved in our CRACK IT programme which have produced 3Rs focused outputs that include prototypes, products and services.

2019 Research Review

Case studies highlighting the work of 12 NC3Rs-funded scientists, to illustrate the impact of their work on the 3Rs and the wider scientific context.


2017 PhD Studentship review

Case studies illustrating the scientific and 3Rs impacts of our PhD studentship scheme, which embeds the 3Rs in the training of new generations of graduate students.

Annual Report 2017

Historic publications