Reducing animal use in the testing of biologicals
New project will review WHO guidelines to identify opportunities to incorporate non-animal testing approaches.
The NC3Rs and the 3Rs during COVID-19
An update on what we are doing to support the research community.
Learn online with the NC3Rs
Upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars on different 3Rs topics.
International 3Rs Prize awarded
Congratulations to this year's joint winners, Dr Francesca Nunn and Dr Marta Shahbazi.
3Rs for the public
Learn more about the 3Rs and their importance in research.
Advancing cardiovascular science with 3Rs methods
We highlight the scientific and 3Rs impacts of two NC3Rs/BHF-funded PhD Studentships.
Rat tickling for improved welfare
Resources from the Gaskill Lab at Purdue University to support you in putting this positive handling technique into practice.
Explore the NC3Rs Innovation Platform
Learn more about our CRACK IT programme and how you can get involved.
Experimental design
Resources to help you improve the design and reporting of your in vivo research.
Minimising aggression in group-housed male mice
Read the results of our international mouse aggression study, recently published in Scientific Reports.
Tech3Rs: our animal technician newsletter
Sign up to receive free copies for UK facilities and stay up to date with the 3Rs.
Explore the evidence base for refined mouse handling
Our new printable table summarises the research published to date.

The NC3Rs: Pioneering better science


We help the research community use the latest science and technology to replace animal studies, providing new approaches for biomedical research and avoiding the time and cost associated with in vivo models. Where the use of animals is still required, we support researchers to design the best experiments so that their methods and findings are robust and reproducible. We provide information and guidance on the latest knowledge to improve laboratory animal welfare.

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Latest news

A change in (cell) culture: exploring alternatives to fetal calf serum

Dr Jan van der Valk explores why fetal calf serum-free media are important and how the FCS-Free Database can support scientists.

Taking aim at the 3Rs

Dr Mark Prescott comments on recent publications advocating for the replacement of the 3Rs with a broader ethical framework.

Announcing a new collaboration to showcase 3Rs technologies

We have teamed up with konfer to provide small companies and academic researchers with a platform to maximise 3Rs impact.

International prize awarded to two pieces of novel research in the 3Rs

Improvements in veterinary research and a new way of modelling early embryo development have been awarded the annual 3Rs Prize.

Approaches to evaluating environmental enrichment

How technicians across the UK introduce new environmental enrichment into their facilities and what barriers they face.