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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

NAMs resources

We are leading projects to increase confidence in the use and application of NAMs for regulatory decision making. This will ultimately reduce the current reliance on animal toxicity tests and improve the science and predictivity of safety testing.

2023 workshop: Opportunities for the UK to develop world-leading chemicals regulation

In collaboration with Unilever we brought together over 50 scientists across government departments, large and small industry and academia to discuss the opportunities to develop and implement UK chemicals regulation that is science-led, embraces the latest scientific and technological developments particularly with regards to the use of NAMs, and provides benefit to the UK economy. 

Office-led projects

Using cell-based and computational approaches to investigate how pharmaceuticals and environmental chemicals interact with biological systems, to help predict whether they are harmful to humans and/or the environment.

3Rs resource library

Join our multidisciplinary community to accelerate the advancement and uptake of NAMs.

Graphic showing some of the range of applications of NAMs