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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science
Webinar and video

A precise, low dead space needle with improved animal welfare

A webinar providing an overview of the Precision Injection System developed to address the 2019 Sharp and to the Point Challenge.

Sharp and to the Point Challenge webinar


This webinar showcases the development and application of the Precision Injection System by Active Needle Technology Ltd. The technology was developed to address the 2019 Sharp and to the Point CRACK IT Challenge, sponsored by AstraZeneca, GSK and the University of Sheffield.

Speakers include Dr Mike Irvine and Dr Kate Shenton (Active Needle Technology Ltd), and Challenge Sponsors Ms Sam Izzard (GSK), Dr Lucy Whitfield (University of Sheffield) and Dr Sally Robinson (AstraZeneca).  

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The Precision Injection System

The team at Active Needle Technology Ltd have developed a Precision Injection System to improve the preclinical injections of rodents, enabling high accuracy and precision injection leading to minimal loss of injectate.

Reuse of single-use needles in medical research involving animals is commonly done to reduce time and cost in large experiments and can result in a loss of sterility and increase in the likelihood of infection. The Precision Injection System encourages the use of new, sterile needles and reduces the time to inject in large cohorts. The technology almost eliminates dead space within syringes, greatly reducing waste, and allows easy needle exchange.

Refining the delivery of substances using single-use needles improves animal welfare by minimising pain that would come from reusing a dulled needle and reduces the risk of cross-contamination or the spread of infection from animal to animal. The Precision Injection System facilitates high-accuracy dosing to ensure the animal receives the specific dose, avoiding unintentional over- or underdosing.

3Rs benefits


  • Improvement in animal welfare by avoiding the re-use of needles.
  • Rapid and easy needle exchange for efficient procedures.
  • High accuracy dosing and minimal loss of injectate.

Learn more about the 3Rs benefits of the Precision Injection System and how to adopt it on the Innovation Platform

Learn more about why the single use of needles should be standard practice (includes a poster for display in facilities).

Screenshot of the needles poster - Why use needles only once?