2019 Primate Welfare Meeting

  • NC3Rs
Friday 08 November 2019
London, UK

The NC3Rs Primate Welfare Meeting is a unique event for sharing best practice in the use and care of non-human primates (NHPs) internationally. Typically, this meeting covers the latest developments in NHP husbandry and training, the refinement of scientific procedures, advances in welfare assessment and other topics, with plenty of opportunities for networking with colleagues in NHP research, breeding and management.

The 2019 meeting has a mixed format, with presentations, posters and an afternoon workshop on harmonising welfare indicators for rhesus macaques, cynomolgus macaques, and common marmosets.


The draft agenda is now available.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Melissa Bateson, Newcastle University – Telomere dynamics and stress in rhesus macaques
  • Dr Melanie Graham, University of Minnesota – Using PRT to evaluate welfare in macaques undergoing medical procedures
  • Dr Michelle Nelson, Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) – HLA-DR expression on neutrophils as a general immune biomarker of health status in common marmosets
  • Ms Janire Castellano-Bueno, Newcastle University – “Inactive not alert” as a new indicator of enduring negative affective state in laboratory macaques

Confirmed poster presenters include:

  • Dr Francesca Battioni, Aptuit, Verona – Refinement of the chair restraint procedure by means of a systematic behavioural assessment and characterisation in Macaca fascicularis
  • Dr Caroline Bergmann & Ms Maria Martinez, University of Oxford – Male-female pairing: a successful alternative for long-term research macaques
  • Dr Emily Bethell, Liverpool John Moores University – The Macaque Stimulus Set
  • Dr Jan Langermans, BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Centre) – Revised recommendations for health monitoring of non-human primate colonies: FELASA working group report
  • Miss Abigail Liston, University of Surrey/MRC Centre for Macaques – Welfare study using the animal welfare assessment grid to measure quality of life in breeding macaques
  • Mr David Massey, Newcastle University – Refining the weaning age of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) destined for neuroscience research
  • Dr Brooke Perry and Ms Jennifer Nacef, University of Oxford/Newcastle University –  3Rs Refinement: A protective head cap that supports wound healing after cranial implant surgery
  • Dr Lauren Robinson, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna & Dr Alexander Weiss, University of Edinburgh – Springer book: Welfare of Non-Human Primates
  • Miss Astrid Rox, BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Centre) – Happy together: naturalistic group housing, and not peer rearing, optimises female reproduction in captive rhesus macaques
  • Dr Thomas Scullion, Crown Bioscience – Banana glucose tolerance test: a natural alternative to gavage dosing
  • Dr Anthony Webb, Chiron Bioscience Ltd. – Advances in prevention of critical lower limb ischaemia during implantation of permanent arterial catheters in cynonolgus macaques
  • Miss Dian Zijilmans, BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Centre) – Visual obesity scoring for welfare assessment in group housed macaques

Afternoon workshop:

The afternoon workshop, led by Dr Matthew Leach, Newcastle University, will build upon the result of a Delphi exercise to reach consensus on which welfare indicators for macaques and marmosets are valid, reliable and practicable, and how these indicators can most effectively be assessed. Voting software will be used to gather feedback and share the results.


The Primate Welfare Meeting is open to laboratory personnel working directly with NHPs. Attendance is free but advanced registration is essential. You will need an NC3Rs website account to register. Please use your institutional email address when registering. See the box above.

Registration closes on Friday 25 October.

Sponsored by the Wellcome Trust.

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