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Not Just Another NAMs Meeting – NAMs from Aspiration to Implementation


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NC3Rs and HESI
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The NC3Rs and international nonprofit Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) are jointly hosting a meeting to bring fresh perspectives to the topic of new approach methodologies (NAMs) for safety assessment. 

Through engaged discussion among experts, we will tackle core questions relating to the practical application of NAMs across different sectors and contexts of use.  

You will hear about the reality of NAMs from experts with a deep understanding of their practical use for chemical risk assessment. You will learn about the barriers and incentives to a future NAMs-based safety evaluation paradigm, and potential actionable steps to implement change while ensuring that key safety questions are addressed. You can also expect to be part of the conversation – to challenge and be challenged by our panelists, and we encourage you to share your perspective with our panelists, and other attendees. Real-time meeting polls will help track potential shifts in perspective during the two-day meeting. 

Join us if you are a research scientist or policy maker actively involved in navigating the often complex intersection between innovation, health protection, implementation and the 3Rs. 

The meeting is free to attend, but registration is essential. Registration for this meeting is now closed.

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