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RSPCA/NC3Rs webinar: Amphibian care and welfare


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A free-to-attend webinar focusing on refining the use of amphibians in research, organised in collaboration with the RSPCA Animals in Science department and with support from the University of Portsmouth and the University of Cambridge. This webinar will engage the community using amphibians in research and bring together experts to: 

  • Share updates on improvements in amphibian care, use and welfare.
  • Highlight evidence-based welfare practices.
  • Discuss amphibian-specific welfare indicators.

Talks from expert speakers will address identifying and validating amphibian welfare indicators, highlight known welfare hazards for amphibians under research conditions and cover practical measures to reduce the impact of these hazards on amphibian wellbeing. 

Registration closes on Friday 21 June.

A wide range of amphibian species are used across a variety of biomedical research fields. The specific biological functions and corresponding needs of amphibians in each case must be taken into account when planning research activities or animal care. However, due to the variety and diversity in use of amphibians, there is a lack of standardised approaches for their care and methods to assess amphibian welfare remain limited.

This webinar will cover the care and welfare of common amphibian species used in biomedical research, including Xenopus laevis or tropicalis. All staff involved in the care and use of amphibians in research are welcome to attend.