FIGCS: An in vitro model to replace ecotoxicity testing of fish to pharmaceuticals

Registration of all human and veterinary drugs require establishment of safety to the environment, which includes toxicity testing to fish normally with lethality as end-point. Using existing OECD guidelines, a minimum of 42 fish are typically used in a single acute toxicity test and where safety to the environment cannot be established, the test is either repeated on additional species or followed by chronic studies, which again often include lethality as end-point. We have established a Fish In vitro Gill Cell System (FIGCS), which allows cells to be exposed to chemicals in test water, thus, maintaining a realistic exposure scenario. FIGCS has been demonstrated to accurately predict toxicity of metals in test water, by measurements of molecular and physiological end-points relevant to known modes of toxicity. In the proposed project we will extend the scope of this system to an important group of environment contaminants, namely pharmaceuticals.

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Project grant



Principal investigator

Professor Christer Hogstrand


King's College London


Dr Nic Bury
Dr Peter Kille

Grant reference number


Award date

Feb 2011 - Apr 2014

Grant amount