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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

2019 Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme: a new collaboration with Cancer Research UK

15 August 2018
 Cancer Research UK and NC3Rs logo

This year marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and the NC3Rs as we offer joint awards to support the sharing of 3Rs skills, tools and technologies within cancer research.

The UK continues to lead the way in scientific excellence through the development of pioneering 3Rs technologies and methods. However, concerns about issues such as comparison with historic data or access to specialist skills and/or equipment can mean that researchers are reluctant to take up new 3Rs approaches.

To help researchers overcome these barriers and de-risk the adoption of 3Rs methods, we developed our Skills and Knowledge Transfer scheme. This scheme gives researchers the resources they need to implement new 3Rs tools and technologies, the opportunity to learn new career advancing skills to complement their research, and in turn build confidence and capacity in the use of 3Rs approaches.

Skills and Knowledge Transfer grants provide funding to support partnerships between the developer of a 3Rs skill, tool or technology and one or more potential end-users. Awards are for up to 24 months, up to a maximum of £75k (80% FEC).

Applications for the scheme can come from researchers at any stage of their career, in any area of medical, biological or veterinary research (unless applying for the joint CRUK-NC3Rs awards; see below), and must include both the ‘developer’ and ‘end-user(s)’ of the approach in question. The approach upon which the application is based must be at a development stage appropriate for adoption by another laboratory, though applications can include some validation work to establish that the 3Rs approach is robust and reproducible.

More information about the Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme can be found on our funding pages.

Our new collaboration with Cancer Research UK

CRUK is the world's largest independent cancer research charity; in 2016/17 they funded £386m worth of research in a wide range of areas, from basic research to late phase clinical trials.

This year, for the first time, we will be offering joint awards with CRUK within the wider Skills and Knowledge Transfer scheme. The total budget for this year’s call is £525k, of which CRUK will be contributing £125k for projects implementing 3Rs tools and approaches in the field of cancer research. Additional eligibility criteria apply for applicants wishing to apply for a joint CRUK-NC3Rs grant and awards made under this collaboration will be subject to joint CRUK-NC3Rs terms and conditions. If you do not meet these criteria, you can still apply for an NC3Rs Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant.

Workshop: Applying the 3Rs in oncology research (24 September 2018)

To launch this year’s funding call and our collaboration with CRUK, we will be holding a free workshop in London on 24 September from 10am to 4.15pm.

At this workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear talks from researchers currently applying the 3Rs in cancer research.
  • Learn about the Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme and how to submit a competitive application.
  • Give a flash presentation: three minutes to speak about your research area and the skills, tools or technologies you are either seeking in a collaborator OR able to transfer to another laboratory or institution. (If you would like to give a flash presentation please request this when registering.)
  • Network with fellow researchers and potential collaborators and meet with representatives of the NC3Rs and CRUK.

The workshop is free to attend, but registration is essential. The closing date for registration is 4pm on 12 September.