Improving macaque welfare

We have developed a new online resource aimed at improving the welfare of laboratory macaques. Improving welfare will in turn improve the quality of the research carried out using these animals.

The Macaque Website is a free resource for everyone who works with, or is interested in, laboratory macaques, including animal care staff and technicians, facility managers, veterinarians, researchers, students, policy makers and IACUC/AWERB members.

The site provides peer-reviewed, referenced information and practical guidance – including over 200 informative videos and images – on understanding macaque behaviour, assessing macaque welfare, and implementing best practice for their care and management in captivity.

The site showcases some high quality housing systems and enrichment ideas, and can also be used to learn how to record macaque behaviour.

We work with many of the UK’s leading primatologists and animal welfare scientists. We have committed £2 million to projects aimed at improving non-human primate welfare, and we continue to prioritise this area.

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