Rat tickling

Tickling is increasingly recognised as an effective means of improving laboratory rat welfare through mimicking natural play habits. This hub brings together resources on rat tickling and how it can be used to promote positive human-animal interactions.

Thank you to Dr Megan LaFollette and the Gaskill Lab at Purdue University for providing many of the scientific resources and photos for this hub.

An introduction to how tickling can benefit you and your rats, originally published in our Tech3Rs newsletter.
An online course created by Dr Megan LaFollette and colleagues (funded by AWI) allowing you to become certified in the correct rat tickling technique.
Read papers exploring the evidence behind rat tickling, as well as the technique itself.
Read our blog post on rat tickling and how it can improve welfare, which closed our 2017 Year of Laboratory Rodent Welfare.
A flyer providing tips in English, Spanish, French and German, as well as links to further resources.
Dr Megan LaFollette (NA3RsC) presents rat tickling as a positive handling technique and provides guidance on putting it into practice.
Answers to the most commonly asked questions about rat tickling.