In vitro and in silico models of gut bacterial diversity and its impacts on human health

Gut bacteria play a vital role in human digestion and protection from disease, yet understanding of how these communities influence host function has been limited, and reliant on experiments on rodents. This project will devise new in vitro and in silico models to replace the use of rodents and to increase understanding of interactions between gut bacterial diversity and human cell function, focusing on the fermentation of fibre and its effects on human cells.

Johnson LP et al. (2015). Prebiotics modulate the effects of antibiotics on gut microbial diversity and functioning in vitroNutrients 7(6):4480-4497. doi: 10.3390/nu7064480

Frost GS et al. (2014). Impacts of plant-based foods in ancestral hominin diets on the metabolism and function of gut microbiota in vitromBio 5(3):e00853-14. doi: 10.1128/mBio.00853-14

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PhD Studentship



Principal investigator

Professor Timothy Barraclough


Imperial College London


Professor Gary Frost
Professor Glenn Gibson

Grant reference number


Award date

Sep 2012 - Jan 2017

Grant amount