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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

Dr Ellen Forty

Regional Programme Manager
Portrait of Dr Ellen Forty

The NC3Rs has a small team of Regional Programme Managers who work with scientists, early career researchers, named persons under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board (AWERB) members and technical staff at institutions across the UK. Ellen helps to embed the 3Rs into the policies and practices of universities and other academic research institutions nationwide. She is a member of the Policy and Outreach Group.


PhD, Physiology
The University of Manchester, 2007-2011
The urotensin II system during renal development and the development of hypertension

Master of Research (MRes), Integrative Biology
The University of Manchester, 2006-2007

BSc (Hons), Biology with French
The University of Manchester, 2002-2006