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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

30th Rodent Welfare Group Meeting

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Event date and time

The Rodent Welfare Group Meeting organised by the RSPCA Animals in Science unit, Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) and Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) focuses on the use and care of laboratory rodents. The 30th annual meeting on the theme of 'Looking forward – and looking back'  is an opportunity to discuss and share current refinement research, welfare issues and 3Rs advances.

NC3Rs staff will be in attendance and presenting posters at the meeting:

  • Programme Manager – Animal Welfare, Dr Khia Dobbinson: 3Rs resources for animal technicians.
  • Regional Programme Manager Dr Chris Barkus: Refining the use of head fixation and fluid control in rodents.


  • 10.15 – Registration and welcome
  • 11.05 – Rodent husbandry: where have we come from – and where are we going? 
  • 11.25 – Progress on refined mouse handling – has it made a difference?
  • 11.45 – A mapping review of refinements to laboratory rat housing and husbandry
  • 12.05 – Lunch
  • 13.05 – Using automated IT systems to improve animal welfare reporting and accuracy
  • 13.20 – Free exploration in a modular labyrinth: a novel open-source design for mouse experiments
  • 13.40 – Refinements of handling and dosing methods for rats and mice
  • 14.00 – What can carers of companion rodents and laboratory rodents learn from each other?
  • 14.20 – Tea and coffee break
  • 14.35 – Educated animal care staff: intrinsic for animal welfare
  • 14.55 – The psychological contract of animal technicians as dirty workers in the biomedical research industry
  • 15.15 – Replacing sentinel rodents with environmental health monitoring: why & how (remote)
  • 15.35 – Discussion session – What next for laboratory rodent welfare?
  • 16.05 – Closing remarks

The registration cost of £90 includes lunch and refreshments. Attendees are welcome to display posters relevant to the meeting theme and topics.

Registration deadline: Friday 20 October.