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The 3Hs Initiative – Housing, Handling and Habituation


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The 3Hs Initiative
A rat sitting in cupped hands.

The 3Hs Initiative aims to improve the lives of laboratory rodents through refined management approaches which impact on lifetime experience and cumulative suffering. 

The framework was developed by a team of neuroscientists at the University of Bristol, led by Professor Emma Robinson, who have quantified animals' emotional experiences to build the evidence base for refinements to housing, handling and habituation.

This webinar will introduce the 3Hs concept, share their findings and demonstrate a new 3Hs website and online resources, including a CPD accredited training course.

The NC3Rs will be supporting this event though the use of our Zoom webinar account. User data will be stored and processed for the purposes of this event and will be deleted in line with our privacy notice. Participant details may be shared with Bristol University to allow organisers to provide any additional information relating purely to this event.