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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

3Rs Prize Event


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Our annual International 3Rs Prize, sponsored by GSK, recognises exceptional science with a significant 3Rs impact. Attendees will hear from this year's winner, Dr Lisa Wagar, about how she aims to streamline vaccine development for global respiratory pathogens of concern using her entirely animal-free tonsil organoid model. Professor Alex Frangi and Dr Ali Sarrami-Foroushani will also present the first ever in silico trial for a medical device from their highly commended paper.

Read more about the two papers being recognised this year in our news item: International 3Rs Prize celebrates animal-free research.


Highly commended

  • Sarrami-Foroushani A et al. (2021). In-silico trial of intracranial flow diverters replicates and expands insights from conventional clinical trials. Nat Commun 12:3861.  3998-w