Online Workshop: Recognition, prevention and alleviation of pain and distress in laboratory animals

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Tuesday 07 July 2020 to Monday 03 August 2020

This workshop is based on the “live” workshops that Professor Paul Flecknell and Dr Matt Leach previously ran at Newcastle University, and is aimed at animal technicians, veterinarians, research workers and others who want to improve their understanding of this topic. It will include a series of three e-learning modules introducing the topic of severity assessment, structured to meet the learning outcomes of the new EC module on Severity Assessment.

The workshop will run over four weeks from Tuesday 7 July to Monday 3 August. Each week, the material will be delivered using a combination of pre-recorded webinars, “live” webinars and e-learning modules. The total time commitment will be the equivalent of 3-4 days, but the offline sections should make this easier to schedule. The registration fee for the workshop is £150. The number of participants will be restricted to 20 so that the interactive sessions remain manageable.

To view the detailed program and to register, visit the Research Animal Training website.