The NC3Rs gateway

The NC3Rs gateway is a dedicated, open access portal for our Grant holders to showcase their 3Rs research. Authors can publish the full extent of their work and methods, enabling others in the scientific community to adopt these new approaches and maximise their impacts, while addressing publication bias in the research we fund.

The gateway is hosted by F1000Research. Articles are published almost immediately, then undergo invited open peer review. Below are links to access the gateway, learn more about submitting your article and the latest updates.

Read the latest developments in 3Rs research.
Brief guidance on the submission process and article types.
Frequently asked questions about publishing on the gateway.
Two gateway authors and one of their reviewers talk about their experience of open peer review.
A blog post by NC3Rs Chief Executive Vicky Robinson on our partnership with F1000Research.
Learn how you can share small pieces of work and pre-register your experimental plans via the gateway.