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Asthma expert to become NC3Rs Board Chair

Professor Stephen T Holgate CBE, FMe

£4.8m funding awarded for smart approaches to reduce animal use in science

NC3Rs grants will develop new testing methods, infrastructure and technologies.

Home Office statistics announced (2012)

Today the Home Office released their annual statistics showing the number of scientific procedures using living animals in Great Britain in 2012.

The untold story: what statistics don't tell you about animal use in science

Dr Vicky Robinson, Chief Executive of NC3Rs, talks about progress in the 3Rs that can’t be measured by a statistic of animal use and argues that we

Inbred and well bred?

With commonly held beliefs of mice breeding now being challenged, is it time to rewrite the husbandry rule books?

Can alternatives to animals be created for asthma research?

Reducing animal use in asthma research forms an important body of work at the NC3Rs, and almost £1.5m of funding is dedicated to finding ways to be

New from old: the search for Parkinson’s disease treatments

We talk to David Sainbury Fellow Dr Maria Herva-Moyano, University of Cambridge, about her work developing a new screen for drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.

NC3Rs announces two David Sainsbury Fellowships

Two early-career researchers have each received awards of almost £200k over three years to undertake research that will reduce the use of animals i

Spontaneously beating human cardiac microtissue scoops 3Rs poster prize