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New from old: the search for Parkinson’s disease treatments

We talk to David Sainbury Fellow Dr Maria Herva-Moyano, University of Cambridge, about her work developing a new screen for drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.

NC3Rs announces two David Sainsbury Fellowships

Two early-career researchers have each received awards of almost £200k over three years to undertake research that will reduce the use of animals i

Spontaneously beating human cardiac microtissue scoops 3Rs poster prize

Improve cross-talk, fewer mouse models and coconuts

This week the NC3Rs and the Society of Biology hosted a joint symposium in London to showcase and discuss some of the latest advances in 3Rs resear

Bringing asthma research into sharp focus

In some cases of asthma, the disease is so severe that sufferers don’t respond to drug treatment.

2D to 3D, not just a revolution on our TV screens

Growing cells in flat, 2D layers for research has been the norm for around 40 years and is a method with many limitations.

Studentship Scheme 2013 accepting applications

Training the next generation of 3Rs-minded researchers. PhD studentships scheme: Call for applications

Applying smarter science to cancer research

Can non-animal methods speed up the discovery of anticancer therapies?

Why not use human material for medical research?

Using human tissue in medical research throws up a number of different challenges.