Overview of resources in the experimental design hub

Our programme of work at the NC3Rs has led to a number of online resources made available to aid in designing animal experiments and reporting studies in publications.

This presentation was given by Dr Nathalie Percie du Sert at the HPRA/SFI/HRB 3Rs Conference on 17 May 2017. It provides an overview of our experimental design resources.

The 40-minute video covers:

  • An overview of the experimental design resources available on the NC3Rs website
  • The ARRIVE guidelines: improving the reporting of biomedical research using animals
  • The EDA: improving the design of animal experiments
  • SyRF: an online platform for performing systematic reviews 

To read more about the key elements of a well-designed experiment, see Experimental design/statistics.

The ARRIVE guidelines and an ARRIVE checklist for use when submitting manuscripts are available, for download.

The Experimental Design assistant along with a user guide and video tutorials can be found on the EDA website.



A more detailed overview of the topics covered in the video is given below, with timeframes for each topic. 

An overview of resource tools available: 01:55
Background to reproducibility issues:  02:30
The ARRIVE guidelines:  06:18
The ARRIVE checklist:  07:10
Internal validity – randomisation:  07:54
Internal validity – blinding:  11:18
Internal validity – sample size calculation:  13:58
Journal endorsements:  18:10
ARRIVE resources:  18:57
The EDA:  20:17
The EDA diagram:  21:00
Feedback and advice from the EDA:  25:33
Supporting randomisation, blinding and sample size calculation:  27:39
EDA website resources:  28:44
Using the EDA diagram for communications:  29:09
The EDA workflow:  29:45
Objectives of the EDA:  31:26
Different uses of the EDA: 34:01
Systematic reviews of animal research:  36:12
The SyRF web app:  38:13
An example of how a systematic review has improved internal validity:  39:55