Zebrafish welfare

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a popular research model. Here we highlight some of the resources and outputs from our programmes related to zebrafish welfare.

Dr Caroline Brennan (QMUL) explains why zebrafish make excellent research models.
The largest survey to-date on the use and care of zebrafish in research, conducted by scientists at the NC3Rs, AstraZeneca and University of Plymouth.
NC3Rs-funded research demonstrating that skin swabbing provides a less invasive method of DNA collection than fin clipping.
Opportunities to collaborate and develop tools that can accurately monitor and analyse zebrafish behaviour.
The Fish Behaviour Index can monitor the behaviour of singly-housed zebrafish, allowing quicker welfare assessment and interventions.
A study showing that group-housed zebrafish exhibit lower levels of stress and anxiety when they undergo stressful or painful procedures.
A meeting co-hosted by the NC3Rs, including findings on appropriate euthanasia for zebrafish.
One of the first studies to formally assess the welfare implications of anaesthetics on fish.
Find out about grants awarded to projects applying the 3Rs in zebrafish research.
Additional resources relating to zebrafish welfare.