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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

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Guidance, information and recommendations for those working with zebrafish.


The positive impact playpens have on laboratory rat welfare, and guidance on how to set one up in your institution.

A tall cage which has been used to create a rat playpen. There are three different tiers with ladders to allow the rats to climb up between each one. A number of white rats can be seen moving between the different levels. Enrichment and play objects are available on each level including an cardboard box that used to hold laboratory gloves, coloured balls, tubes, a wheel and a raised platform on the top level with some bedding material.

Information and resources on malocclusion in mice to improve welfare within a research setting.

One mouse exhibiting healthy teeth and another exhibiting unhealthy, maloccluded teeth

Guidance on best practices in confirming, archiving and maintaining strains, as well as re-establishing colonies after a pause.

A litter of black mice with an adult mouse, nesting in the corner of their home cage

Resources on rat tickling and how it can be used to promote positive human-animal interactions.

A white rat in a clear plastic cage with wooden shavings, being tickled by a gloved hand.