What we do

The NC3Rs mission is delivered through a range of programmes which are showcased in this area of our website.  

We award funding for research, innovation and early career training to a wide range of institutions to accelerate the development and uptake of 3Rs approaches. More information about the 3Rs can be found on our About the 3Rs pages.

NC3Rs scientific staff lead on a number of projects across the 3Rs, from animal welfare to toxicology, focusing on changing policy, practice and regulations.

The boxes below split our portfolio into three key categories. Click through to see projects in that category, or use the search box to find something specific. You will find details on each project, including its aims, impacts and associated publications.

Latest News

Research cultureResources to help you strengthen the research culture of your group or institution through applying the 3Rs effectively.

10 years of CRACK IT –  Register now for our webinar series showcasing success stories from our CRACK IT Challenges programme. 

Paper published using Gateway method – a human cell culture model of outer retina used to study age-related sight loss.

What’s in a legacy? – Dr Alasdair Nisbet shares how he has created a lasting 3Rs legacy with his NC3Rs-funded research on poultry red mites.

Reviewing manuscripts describing animal research – Professor Claire Stanford outlines some of the ethical dilemmas faced by journal editors in her blog post with FRAME.