Animal technician hub

At the NC3Rs, we have a broad range of projects directly relevant to the work of animal technicians in laboratories around the world. Whether it’s the latest refinements in mouse handling, or practical advice on blood sampling, these resources can help support animal technicians to apply best practice in their work.

This hub brings together our relevant web resources for animal technicians in one easy to access page.

Our regular newsletter providing animal technicians with the latest news from the NC3Rs.
Crowdsourcing data project for technicians to identify patterns and triggers of aggression in laboratory mice.
Non-aversive methods for handling mice.
Refining the housing and husbandry of common laboratory animal species.
Refining blood sampling from laboratory animals - advice on technique, route and volumes.
A dedicated website of online tutorials and guidance to support the adoption of best practice for commonly used procedures in animal research.
Resources and outputs from our programmes related to laboratory rodent welfare.
Opportunities to refine the use of non-human primates.
Posters and other resources on the use of grimace scales to assess pain in laboratory animals.
The latest workshops, conferences and events from the NC3Rs and other related organisations, many of which will be relevant for animal technicians.
Summary report on our workshops to explore approaches to providing laboratory rats with a complex environment and increased opportunity to exercise.
Video presentations on refinement opportunities and approaches to improving the welfare of a range of laboratory animal species.
Free online tutorials designed to support the training of technicians and others working with laboratory animals.
A video presentation demonstrating the 3Rs in principle and practice.
A monthly podcast produced with LabAnimal and the NA3RsC summarising the latest research and news in 3Rs science and technology.