Below are links to upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars delivered by NC3Rs staff members and grant holders on different 3Rs topics. Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on upcoming webinars and other new learning resources.

Further information and guidance on our Skills and Knowledge Transfer funding scheme and the application process.
This year’s meeting will focus on the findings of two international surveys on behavioural management of non-human primates.
A showcase of organ-on-a-chip research funded by the NC3Rs, highlighting the technology's scientific and 3Rs benefits.
A virtual event across six European 3Rs centres to highlight the latest 3Rs opportunities across Europe.
This joint NC3Rs/NA3RsC webinar explores how compassion fatigue can affect the mental wellbeing of animal care staff.
An introduction to the revised ARRIVE guidelines, the items in the ARRIVE Essential 10, and relevant resources.
Overview of the scientific and welfare benefits of moving to animal-free antibodies and affinity reagents, including EURL ECVAM recommendations.
An introduction for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, applicable to both in vivo and in vitro experiments.
Advice and guidance on our Training Fellowship scheme for potential applicants.
Advice and resources to support Home Office Project Licence applicants to address the 3Rs aspects of the application form.
Talks from this year's joint 3Rs Prize winners, Dr Francesca Nunn and Dr Marta Shahbazi.
Dr Nathalie Percie du Sert (NC3Rs) and Dr Emily Sena (University of Edinburgh) provide an introduction to systematic reviews.
Professor Paul Flecknell explains more about FLAIRE Learning's modules and the benefits of e-learning for laboratory animal professionals.
Guidance on clearly conveying the potential 3Rs impact of your grant application, including using relevant metrics.
Professor Jane Hurst (University of Liverpool) shares the evidence base supporting refined mouse handling as well as tips for implementation.