Our team

Regional Programme Manager (Oxford)

Programme Manager – Research funding

Science Manager – Animal welfare and policy

Programme Manager - Toxicology and regulatory sciences, environmental safety

Science Manager - Research funding

Regional Programme Manager (Cardiff and the South West of England)

Science Manager - Toxicology

Programme Manager – Challenge-led Innovation

Director of Science and Technology

Science Manager- Technology Development

Science Manager - Experimental design

Programme Manager - Disease models, efficacy and safety pharmacology

Programme Manager – Challenge-led Innovation

Programme Manager – Animal welfare

Press and communications officer

Programme Manager – Early career awards

Strategic Planning Manager

Science Manager - Experimental design and reporting

Head of Experimental Design and Reporting

Director of Policy and Outreach

Programme Manager - Drug development

Chief Executive

Programme Manager - Toxicology and regulatory sciences, human health effects

Communications Programme Manager

Regional Programme Manager (Midlands)

Head of Innovation

Online communications officer

Programme support

CRACK IT and Research Funding team

Communications team

  • Emma Stokes manages the communications team, and leads on our online engagement, branding and the design of our resources and publications.
  • Kasia Makowska is responsible for working with the media, promoting and communicating the work of the NC3Rs.
  • General media inbox: media@nc3rs.org.uk
  • Website enquiries inbox: webmaster@nc3rs.org.uk

Events Team

Office management